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10 Ways To Easily Teach Phonics Using Digital Phonics Activities

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Are you unsure of how to teach phonics to your students? Are you looking for new ways to teach phonics in your Grade 1, 2, or 3 classroom? Look no further!

10 Uses of Digital Phonics Activities

Choose one or more of these ideas to use with your students to practice their phonics skills.

Idea #1 - Add to a writing or literacy center.

Digital phonics activities are the perfect addition to your classroom writing or literacy centers. Assign a phonics skill you've studied in the past or one you're currently working on to provide students with extra practice.

"This made for a GREAT center for my students!" - Jaclyn C. (Digital Phonics Activities)


Idea #2 - Assign as homework practice.

The digital phonics activities make a perfect 'homework' activity. I'm not sure about you ... but parents often ask what they can work on at home with their kids. Digital phonics activities are a fantastic homework activity. They are easy to use and provide students with extra phonics practice.

"This was good, no prep practice that my students could do independently...thank you!" - Tatiana B. (Digital Phonics Activities)


Idea #3 - Use as part of a language arts program.

Get students to complete the digital phonics activities as part of their regular language arts program. Assigning different activities gives students exposure to a variety of phonics skills and lets you know which skills you need to spend more time on in class. You can also re-assign certain phonics activities if students struggle with a certain skill or concept. This will provide them with extra practice. 

"My students love using this resource! I love that this is a fun, no-prep digital resource for virtual learning that I can use while in-person teaching as well. Thank you!" - Blair K. (Digital Phonics Activities)


Idea #4 - Get kids to complete with reading/writing buddies.

If you've paired up with an older or younger class for reading or writing buddies, get the buddies to work on the digital phonics activities after they've finished their assigned tasks. The buddies can work together and discuss the different answers before clicking on their choice. The repetitive practice is great for kids who struggle with different phonics skills.

"Love this resource!! Very kid friendly!" - Candace D. (Digital Phonics Activities)


Idea #5 - Assign activities as bell ringer activity.

A great way to get your kids into the classroom and settled into their day, is to assign digital phonics activities as a bell ringer activity. Students put away their backpacks and jackets and get to work completing the activities.

"Great resource for independent work!" - Victoria G. (Digital Phonics Activities)


Idea #6 - Target individual learning needs.

You can assign different digital activities to different students depending on their individual learning needs. Assess students to determine what phonics skills require extra practice and have students complete corresponding phonics activities.

"I needed additional activities for my students to practice this skill, these were great and ready to use." - Katie C. (Digital Phonics Activities)


Idea #7 - Use as a writing station.

If you rotate activities during your writing class, the digital phonics activities are PERFECT to use as a rotation activity. Students will be able to complete the phonics activities independently which leaves you time to work one-on-one or with small groups of kids.

"I used this to work with students 1 on 1. This kept them engage and they really enjoyed it!" - Kelly G. (Digital Phonics Activities)


Idea #8 - Provide choice to students.

Offering students choice allows students to have a say in what they are learning. Create a checklist that lists all the different digital phonics activities. Let students choose the activity they want to work on. Once they complete the activity, they can check it off their list.

Idea #9 - Use to assess students.

Assign digital phonics activities to your students to determine what they know about the different phonics skills. Use the activities to pre-assess, post-assess, or formatively assess students. The information you gather can be used to plan your lessons and provide students with extra practice on any phonics skills they find challenging.

"This has been a great way to informally assess my students." - TpT Seller (Digital Phonics Activities)


Idea #10 - Give to early finishers.

Digital phonics activities provide you with a no prep alternative to give to early finishers. When students finish assignments or are waiting for their turn to work with you, they can practice their digital skills by completing the digital activities.

"This was a perfect way for my students to review this concept." - Karen H. (Digital Phonics Activities)

Digital Phonics Activities Formats

Digital Phonics Activities are available for Google Slides™ and as Boom™ Cards.

"I love these Google Slides! They are easy to use and an engaging way for students to practice phonics skills." - Stephany Y. (Digital Phonics Activities)

Be sure to grab these freebies:

For Google Slides™:

For Boom™ Cards:

Until next time,

Happy writing!

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