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7 Back To School Writing Activities For Kids

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Looking for first day of school writing ideas and back to school writing activities to start the school year? Check out these 7 back to school writing ideas.  

Back To School Writing Activities

Activity 1: All About Me Surveys

Get kids writing by incorporating this first day of school writing activity into your day. You can create your own survey or find one that's already created ... like this All About Me Survey found in Teaching Writing 101.

If you're making your own survey, include questions for students to answer like:

  • Who are your family members?
  • What games do you like to play?
  • What sports do you like?
  • What is your favorite book?
  • What is your favorite TV show?

Activity 2: Back To School Journal Prompts

Establish a journal writing routine from the first day of school. Let students choose their own topic or provide students with journal prompts. Some students might need a little help to get started with their writing. Providing students with a writing sample or giving target questions are two ways you can provide support to students.

Journal prompts can be found in a variety of formats. They can be:

Set aside time each day for students to write in their journals. Start with 4 or 5 minutes and work up to 10 or 15 minutes ... depending on the age and abilities of your students.

Activity 3: Digital Interactive Writing Notebooks

Have you ever tried digital interactive notebooks? Digital notebooks are a great way to get kids to practice their writing skills. Not sure if digital notebooks are for you? Try out this back to school freebie:

In this resource you'll find three differentiated notebooks. Each notebook contains:

  • a teaching plan,
  • a student learning path (checklist of activities),
  • 5 journal writing activities,
  • 1 phonics activity,
  • 1 language activity,
  • 5 vocabulary word of the day activities,
  • 1 sentence writing activity,
  • 5 inquiry question of the day activities, and
  • 1 narrative, opinion or informative writing activity with self, peer, and teacher assessments.

Grab your freebie and get started using it today!

Activity 4: Vocabulary Activities

Using vocabulary activities is another way to get kids writing. Students can write sentences about different vocabulary words and then draw pictures about their sentences. 

Possible vocabulary words include: assignment, backpack, binder, bookmark, bus, calculator, desk, dictionary, globe, homework, library, notebook, portfolio, school, thesaurus.

Each day write a couple words on the board and discuss the meanings with the kids. The kids can then write sentences. Have kids with different learning needs? Try differentiated back to school vocabulary templates in either digital or printable forms.

Want a fun way to practice using the vocabulary words? Check out the Back To School Vocabulary Match Activity.

Activity 5: Back To School Ice Breaker

An ice breaker is a great way for kids to get to know each other and practice writing their name. Create an ice breaker activity like this one from Teaching Writing 101.

The ice breaker activity can contain as few or as many questions as you would like. Begin with a sentence starter such as Find Someone Who ...

  • has visited a beach.
  • plays the piano.
  • has a pet fish.
  • likes waffles with syrup.
  • is wearing a blue shirt.

Activity 6: Paragraph Writing

Start your school year by getting your kids to write a narrative, opinion, or informative writing activity. Walk students through the writing process or have them simply write what they can without worrying about capitals, punctuation, and spelling.

Want ready-made activities? Check out Back To School Writing Activities

There is a FREE back to school opinion writing activity in the Freebie Library. Be sure to download your copy to use during the first week of school. 

Activity 7: Phonics and Grammar Activities

Kids use technology on a daily basis. Go digital and get kids to complete digital activities to practice their phonics and grammar activities. Knowledge of both phonics or grammar will help students improve their writing skills.

Use the opportunity to find out what students know about different phonics or grammar skills. 

Uses of Writing Activities

There are different ways you can integrate writing activities into your school day. You can use the writing activities:

  • as part of your regular language arts program,
  • as a bell ringer activity,
  • for homework practice,
  • as an activity for early finishers, or
  • in a literacy center.

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Happy writing!

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