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How To Assign An Activity To Students In Google Slides™

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In this blogpost, I’m going to outline the steps you need to take to assign an activity to your students in Google Slides™.

SCROLL to the bottom of this blogpost if you'd like to watch the video. :)

For the purpose of this blogpost, I'm going to use the ALL, ELL, and ILL phonics activity. 

If you purchased from TpT or the Writing Resource Club, you'll start at Step 1.


  1. Click on the link in your resource.
  2. When prompted, select ‘Make a Copy.’
  3. Choose the activities you want your students to practice.
  4. Share the file with your students.

Step One: Make A Copy 

First, you need to click on the activity. You’ll see it asks you if you want to make a copy.

Click on the blue button that says, “Make a copy.”

Your product will open up in Google Slides™ and look something like this:

Step Two: Name Your Product

The next thing I would do is rename your product. I would call it something like “ALL ELL and ILL ORIGINAL” so you’ll always have this copy in your Google Drive™. You can always go back to the Emporium if you need to as well.

Step Three: Create a File

Once you have renamed it, you may want to move it to a file where you can easily find it.


To do this, click and scroll down to “Move.” Create a new file and name it something like "Phonics" and then click on “Move Here.”

Step Four: Make a Copy For Your Students 

We now want to make a copy to assign to your students. Go to “File” and then to “Make a copy” and then “Entire Presentation.”

In the “Name” field, I’d type “ALL ELL and ILL Student” or you could even leave it as just “ALL ELL and ILL.” Use whatever system works for you.

Step Five: Assign To Students 

Through Google Classroom™

If you are assigning in Google Classroom™ you simply follow the prompts to assign an activity.

Through Email

However, if you’d like to send the activity to your student’s through their email or assign it some other way, there are a few more steps to take. 

Click on your activity.

Go to the “Share” button. Now you’ll see this “Restricted” button that says, “Only people with access can open with link.” You might think this is the link you want to send your students … but it isn’t. If you share this link, they will all be working on the same activity and you don’t want that. You want each student to have their own activity to work on.

Click on the little arrow beside the word “Restricted” and change it to “Anyone with the link.”

Now click on “Copy Link.”

Open a new tab on your browser and paste the link … or you can paste directly into an email to your students … but before you send, you need to do one thing … click at the end of the URL and delete everything beginning with the word “edit.”

You are now going to print the word “copy.”

Step Five: Students Complete Assignment

When your kids click on this link … this is what they will see. They can then click on “Make a copy” and complete their assignment.

Depending on the age and ability of your kids, you might want to teach them to click in the title and replace the word “Student” with their name or add their name before or after the title of the assignment. This will make it easier for you when marking. I have used this technique with Grade 2 students and they catch on to it quite easily.

I've created this video for the people in my Writing Resource Club. Fast Forward to 27 seconds. Once you see the "Make a copy" come up ... the rest will be the same for you.

Happy writing!

Until next time,

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