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How To Use Fun Digital Interactive Notebooks For Writing

digital interactive notebooks writing activities

Looking for a way to get your students writing online? Use digital notebooks! Digital interactive notebooks for writing can include activities for the phonics, grammar, and writing skills you are using in your classroom. There are literally tons of different ways you can use digital notebooks with your students.

What are digital interactive notebooks for writing?

Digital writing notebooks for students help them become better writers. A variety of grammar, phonics, and writing skills are included in each notebook. Students practice their writing skills by completing the different digital activities.

Each digital notebook follows the same format so after you introduce the notebooks to your students, they can easily find the activities they need to complete. There is a table of contents (learning plan) slide in each notebook that students can click on to find the activity you assign them to work on.

Who are digital notebooks for?

The digital notebooks are for:

  • grade 1, 2, and 3 classroom teachers to support students as they learn about and practice different writing skills both in the classroom and through online learning.
  • special education teachers to provide support to students and help them become better writers.
  • tutors who want to develop the writing skills of their students.
  • homeschool parents so their children can use the materials to learn about writing in a home setting.
  • parents who want to provide their children with extra practice with their writing.

What is included in the digital writing notebooks?

The digital notebooks include a variety of grammar, phonics, and writing skill activities. Interested in using the digital notebooks with your students? Try out Back To School and Bears for free.

There are three digital notebooks included in each writing resource. The notebooks are differentiated so you can choose the notebook that meets the individual needs of each student. 

The three levels are:

  • Level A - aligned with Grade 1 common core standards
  • Level B - aligned with Grade 2 common core standards
  • Level C - aligned with Grade 3 common core standards

Each notebook includes:

  1. A Teaching Plan - A teaching plan is included for each of the three digital notebooks. The teaching plan is a suggested order for presenting the writing activities to your students. You can assign the same activities to your entire class or choose different activities based on individual learning needs. 
  2. Writing Activities ChecklistAt the start of each notebook is a student learning path in the form of a checklist. Students click on the name of each writing activity to be taken to the appropriate slide. When students finish each activity, they click on a green square and drag it in front of the writing activity. 
  3. Journal Writing - There are five digital journal writing slides included for each level of notebook. Students can complete one journal entry for each day of the week. Level A is a single question for students to answer. Levels B and C contain target questions to help the students come up with ideas for their writing. 
  4. Phonics Skills Activity - Each notebook includes a fun activity on a specific phonics skill. There is a different phonics activity for each of the three digital notebooks. You can assign the same phonics activity to all your students or provide each student with the activity that best meets their individual needs.  
  5. Language Skills Activity -Each notebook includes a fun activity on a specific language skill. There is a different language activity for each of the three digital notebooks. You can assign the same language activity to all your students or provide each student with the activity that best meets their individual needs. 
  6. Vocabulary Word of the Day - There are five different digital “word of the day” slides included in each digital notebook. The vocabulary words match the topic of the notebook. Students can complete one slide each day of the week. 
  7. Sentence Writing - A sentence writing activity is included in each digital notebook. The sentence writing activities focus on a variety of different writing skills. 
  8. Inquiry Question of the Day - There are five digital inquiry “question of the day” slides included in each digital notebook. Students can complete one inquiry question each day of the week. 
  9. Writing Activity - A comprehensive writing activity is included in each digital notebook. The activity develops the narrative, opinion, or informative writing skills of your students. Self, peer and teacher assessments are also included. 

How can you differentiate the digital notebooks for your students?

Differentiate the digital notebooks by:

  • giving each student a digital notebook that matches their individual learning needs,
  • tailoring the different grammar, phonics, and writing activities to the individual students, and
  • providing the students with the activities that give them the practice they need to develop their writing skills.

Choose the digital notebook and writing activities that best meet the individual learning needs of each of your students. Each digital notebook is set up with the same format so students can quickly learn how to use the notebooks and focus their attention on their writing.

How to create digital interactive notebooks in your classroom?

Before you can use the digital notebooks with your students, you'll need a Google™ account (free) to download the digital slides. You can then share the slides with your students through Google Classroom or have your students use them with Google Drive™.
In order to implement the Google interactive notebooks and use them with Google Slides™, you need to do the following:
  1. Click on the link in your resource.
  2. When prompted, select ‘Make a Copy.’
  3. Choose the activities you want your students to practice.
  4. Share the file with your students.

How to use digital interactive notebooks?

The digital interactive notebooks can be used:
  • as a part of your regular English language arts program,
  • to motivate and engage your students in writing,
  • to provide enrichment for students who need to be challenged,
  • to plan writing activities for early finishers that align with curriculum outcomes or standards, and
  • with students who have different learning needs so that all the students in your classroom can be successful.

I like to change up the writing topics with my students. I have a forty-week chart of writing topics I like to use throughout the year. You can grab it in the freebie library.

What topics of digital notebooks are available?

Digital notebooks are available on the following topics:

The digital interactive notebooks can be purchased individually or in a bundle on TeachersPayTeachers.

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