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"I am grateful for creators like you who make my job easier!"

Thank you so much for this resource! It allows my students to practice the skills they are learning in class independently on their own! I am grateful for creators like you who make my job easier!

- Amanda C.

 "Just what I needed to help my students organize their writing!"

This was just what I needed to help my students organize their writing! I have first and second graders in my class so the different templates were so great. Very well done. Thanks!

- Aimee L.

"Activities that help engage different styles of learners!"

This resource has a variety of activities that help engage different styles of learners. Having differentiated activities means I can adjust the activities depending on the students I have each year.

- Shauna P.

I loved how I was able to give the same expectations but at different levels.


- Jaymee P.

This resource gave me the tools I needed to differentiate my phonics instruction. Thank you!

- Katelyn R.

This has been a life saver, I love this purchase and would highly recommend.


- Elizabeth V.

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